Yasmin is about to undertake a radical procedure that promises to deliver the perfect body and the happiness that seems just out of reach. But at what cost?

A 2011 survey conducted in the UK found that 30% of women would trade at least one year of their life to achieve their ideal body. 20% would trade 5 years of their life. In "5 Years", the possibility of this exchange is a reality. Yasmin will be the first woman to undergo this procedure. As she waits for the doctor to arrive and ‘fix’ her she reveals her experiences and the messages she has received that have brought her to this drastic decision.

Would you trade 5 years of your life for the perfect body?

Age guidance: 13+ Warnings: flashing lights, themes of body dysmorphia/disordered eating

Running time: 70 mins approx

5 Years

Producer/Director: Beck Gadsby

Designer: Pollyanna Elston

Virtual Effects Designer: Darius Powell

Lighting Designer: Jason Addison

Sound Designer: Lauren Cross

Stage Manager: Amy Duckworth



Writer/Yasmine: Hayley Davis

Mandy: Lauren Poveda

There’s not an inch of my body that cannot be improved now. Face, boobs, hands, feet, stomach, knees.